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Emerging Tech Hub is a pioneering initiative is aiming to empower citizens to embrace emerging tech revolution and accelerate their use so that people can develop a habit of solving their big and small, everyday problems by adopting solutions.

From its potential to transform how businesses and cities operate to the possibility of extending human lives, emerging tech benefits are infinite. This platform is an opportunity for everyone to refine their understanding of the benefits they can bring and to what extent it can help mitigate risks and reap greater rewards, both for yourself and for the world around you. And this Hub will serve as a virtual platform to build a community of stakeholders and promote public engagement, through discussions, workshops, online courses, polls and surveys, interactive educational material, courses, and study groups.


We are building a collective vision to focus on tech solutions to the real-world problems through our future-centric collaborative platform.


To shape emerging technologies agenda in the world, by creating an ecosystem where all stakeholders can openly participate, discuss, and contribute to the digital transformation and development of futuristic technologies